This monthly club brings together adult fans of film and entertainment for fun, discussions and debates. *Sunday film club is this Sunday 10th December!* Sessions take place on the third Sunday of each month from 11.30am-3pm and participants are welcome to bring their own refreshments or make use of our café. To receive regular news and features, please register on the Sunday Film Club membership list by emailing your contact details to [email protected]

Sunday Film Club is run by volunteer Domingos Coxi. He has written a couple of reviews below that film-lovers will be interested in.

July Film Club at St Luke's

During this summer Sunday Film Club had a video presentation and Q&A by special guest, Ros Gilman, (Film Composer/Conductor) about how he created the music for the award-winning animated short film Johanne - written and directed by Anna Ester-Volozh. It is a Joan of Arc inspired animation which follows a day in the life of a young girl named Johanne and her personal battle as she protects this small village with an alter-ego who has magical abilities battling against various forces, and her journey to protecting her community.

The old-fashioned style of illustrating animation is a throwback to the time before CGI special effects like the famous European comic strips and cartoons such as Asterix and Tintin. It is a fun and engaging animated short which is available to watch on YouTube courtesy of Dragonbee Animated Studios.

August 2017 representing St Luke's at BAFTA

Domingos had the chance to go and watch a special screening of Spider-man: Homecoming at BAFTA 95 in London during their 70th anniversary celebration and exhibition in August. Here is his review:

Spider-man/Peter Parker is played by BAFTA-winning British actor Tom Holland, who had already made his comeback and scene-stealing cameo last year in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. It was a long time in the making, not just for comic book fans, but for film fans in general, as Marvel had made a deal with Sony for him to appear in it. Fast forward over a year later and he has his own movie.

The story takes place not long after the Civil War. It’s a coming of age film in the mode of John Hughes' 80s teen movies like Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, with the tribulations of becoming a young adult, romance and finding your place in the world, while being a superhero film packed with action and comedy. He is supported well by a talented cast of Ironman/Tony Stark's Robert Downey Jr, Aunt May Academy Award Winner Marisa Tomei and the villain of the peace Adrian Toomes/the Vulture Michael Keaton, who draws some relatable reasoning and sympathy from the audience for his decisions. I found the character understandable, which was due to Keaton’s performance to make it three dimensional. A charismatic young lead Peter Parker/Spider-man (Tom Holland) balances comedy, tragedy and vulnerability well, although it lacks the emotional depth of Wonder Woman at times; it has enough to entertain the audience thanks to a talented supporting and experienced cast.